4:AM Toronto Introduction

Summer is here and that always means that the altmetrics conference is not far away either!

We’re really excited to be hosting the 4th iteration of this great event in partnership with the Social Media Lab at Ryerson University in Toronto on the 27th and 28th of September. If previous years are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat!

When we launched the conference in 2013 we had one core goal in mind: to connect different members of the research community and give them the opportunity to learn and engage on the practical applications of altmetrics. Altmetrics and scholarly communication more broadly have come a long way since that first event in London, and the insightful presentations we saw last year in Bucharest demonstrated just how much our thinking has evolved.

Altmetrics might be becoming more widely adopted, but there is still much we can question and many things we hope to learn. Initiatives such as the NISO standards project, the European Commission Expert Group on Altmetrics, Horizon 2020 and the ARC Impact and Assessment Pilot have required us to focus even more closely on what exactly these metrics can deliver, and how the data they offer can be interpreted and applied effectively and responsibly.

As we look ahead to the coming year there are some key questions that we at Altmetric, and I’m sure others working in and with altmetrics, will be looking to explore:

  1. How are you applying altmetrics now, and what could we do to help?
    • What questions are you trying to answer with altmetrics?
    • Are there things you would like to do but currently can’t?
    • Are your researchers or authors engaging? What works and what doesn’t?
  2. Where should we go from here?
    • What would make altmetrics better? Is it collecting more, enriching more, presenting the data in a different way?
    • What alternative forms of research outputs or types of attention do you feel are still under-served?
    • How would you like to see altmetrics evolve, and what challenges do you think await?

The program for this year’s event is nearly finalised and tickets are available now – book your place today to join us in Toronto.

Don’t forget to also check out the altmetrics workshop, taking place the day before the main conference, and the hack day on the Friday, which technical and non-technical people alike are welcome to attend.

See you in September!