Looking ahead to 6:AM

15 August 2019

6:AM is fast approaching and we are delighted to have such a strong range of speakers lined up. We hope that those who are able to join us in Stirling will enjoy not only the range of presentations, but also the extent to which we hope to be able to touch on some of the emerging and global issues that altmetrics, and the research community as a whole, are facing.

Over the past few years we have seen the altmetrics debate shift from discussions of what should be tracked and how to much bigger-picture thinking. Some of our favorite questions so far relate to examining the need for and application of altmetrics as a tool, and the increasing consideration given to the behaviours that the community hopes to promote through the adoption of altmetrics in research evaluation practices.

Initiatives such as Project Credit and HuMetricsHSS have both begun to explore these questions. The topic is certainly something we hear about in discussions with funders: how can Altmetric and other altmetrics providers, and the data we capture or deliver, play a positive role in the scholarly ecosystem?

As publisher models continue to shift, new questions are coming in to play. Where once journal articles were finalised and then published with a single, unique DOI, increasingly journals are shifting to a more open, continuous publication model - free of paywalls and page restrictions. Versioning, linked data and the increasing uptake of preprint servers are all impacting systems across the scholarly landscape, including altmetrics.

At the same time there is a growing demand (and need) for research and researchers from emerging research economies to be better represented, both by the metrics and the mechanisms that drive research funding, advancement, and recognition. What worked before may not work much longer, and as a community we need to be prepared to step up to this challenge.

At 6:AM we hope to explore these topics and much more. Over the next few months we will be sharing a number of posts from others in the community, who have each given thought to a unique and specific aspect of what altmetrics mean, and where they might develop in the future.

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