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3:AM 2016 – Opening and keynote

This is a guest post contributed by Rachel Middlemass from LSE. (Thanks very much, Rachel!)  Opening Address Prof Dragos Vinereanu, Vice-rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, opened the

Could we start to talk about an ‘altmetric divide’? On the imbalance in the access and use of social media platforms across countries

This is a guest post contributed by Zohreh Zahedi, CWTS, Leiden University. There have been many debates in the literature on possible factors that could have an effect on the use and

Who is using altmetrics tools?

This is a guest post contributed by Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman, Utrecht University Library, The Netherlands. Over the past six years, since the publication of the Altmetrics manifesto, altmetrics have matured

Alternative metrics – how do research managers and administrators view them?

This is a guest post contributed by Christina Lohr, Product Manager Research Metrics at Elsevier. In July last year, Elsevier launched an Article Metrics Module in Scopus. The Article Metrics Module was

What do altmetrics tell us about ourselves?

What do the greatest hits on tell us about ourselves? Matthew Thakur from the Wellcome Trust’s Insight & Analysis team shares 4 things they’ve learned tracking their funding portfolio using the

Opportunities & responsibilities

This is a guest post contributed by Euan Adie, founder of It’s easy to talk about new data sources, new research and new use cases for altmetrics – and that’s a

What do Wikipedia Citation Counts Mean?

  This is a guest post contributed by Mike Thelwall and Kayvan Kousha, part of the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at University of Wolverhampton. Some indicators are relatively easy to interpret. Citation counts, for

Why altmetrics, and why come to 3:AM?

Scholarly communication has broken the barriers of standard publishing. Conversations on the latest trends in research can be found on Twitter, Mendeley, Facebook etc. and the results of research can be tracked

Consistency challenges across altmetrics data providers/aggregators

This is a guest post from Zohreh Zahedi, PhD candidate at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University in the Netherlands.  At the 1:AM conference in London last year,

How are people using altmetrics now?

This guest post is contributed by Jane Tinkler. Jane is a Research Fellow and Manager of the LSE Public Policy Group and Researcher on the LSE’s Impact of Social Sciences project. “How are