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3:AM – Open Science: Rene von Schomberg

Rene from the European Commission kicked off proceedings on day 2. He spoke about the work that the European Commission have been doing with respect to “Open Science’ – from defining what the term

Innovation flash talks

This guest post is contributed by Peter Harris, Digital Product Manager at Taylor and Francis. Article Metrics in the Journal Driven Environment – Kornelia Junge, Wiley The first innovation flash talk of the

Next-generation altmetrics: responsible metrics and evaluation for open science

This guest post was contributed by David Sommer, Product Director and Co-founder at Kudos Re-caffeinated after the break and eager for the next session at 3:AM, the audience was ready to hear

3:AM – Beyond the article: research data and software

This post is contributed by Joe Wass, tech lead of Crossref Event Data. Martin Fenner opened the session reminding us that questions surrounding the tracking, citation and use of research objects beyond

3:AM – Evaluating research using altmetrics

This post is kindly contributed by Lauren Collister, a Sociolinguistics PhD at the University of Pittsburgh.   The “Evaluating research using altmetrics” session began with Kim Holmberg, who presented his work on Altmetrics

3:AM – Altmetrics around the world

This guest post was contributed by Natalia Madjarevic, Head of Implementations and Support at Altmetric. The next session at 3:AM kicked off with Rodrigo Costas from CWTS discussing practical applications for altmetrics

3:AM 2016 – Opening and keynote

This is a guest post contributed by Rachel Middlemass from LSE. (Thanks very much, Rachel!)  Opening Address Prof Dragos Vinereanu, Vice-rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, opened the

Could we start to talk about an ‘altmetric divide’? On the imbalance in the access and use of social media platforms across countries

This is a guest post contributed by Zohreh Zahedi, CWTS, Leiden University. There have been many debates in the literature on possible factors that could have an effect on the use and

Who is using altmetrics tools?

This is a guest post contributed by Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman, Utrecht University Library, The Netherlands. Over the past six years, since the publication of the Altmetrics manifesto, altmetrics have matured

Alternative metrics – how do research managers and administrators view them?

This is a guest post contributed by Christina Lohr, Product Manager Research Metrics at Elsevier. In July last year, Elsevier launched an Article Metrics Module in Scopus. The Article Metrics Module was