6:AM Do-a-thon Welcome

The Altmetrics Conference is just a month away! This year’s Do-a-thon takes place on 8th October, 2019 at the beautiful University of Stirling in Scotland. It’s open to anyone attending the Conference or Workshop, or who wants to participate remotely.

This year we continue our approach of welcoming all-comers to the D-a-thon. We encourage anyone and everyone with an interest in altmetrics, whatever their specialism, background or interests, to join. For the past two years this has given rise to some very interesting, and diverse projects, from concept-pieces to prototypes.

As this year’s conference focuses on bridging societies, our upcoming Do-a-thon will draw discussions around themes that resonate with our altmetrics community and progress ideas from these topics. Themes can centre on areas around new sources, emerging communities or problems encountered with existing ideas. If you’re not sure what you’d like to discuss, don’t worry. The day will be structured so that your involvement and input is equally invaluable to the development of these ideas! We have had some great contributions from groups with a diversity of ideas and execution.

We are proud that the altmetrics community is made up of a diverse range of people: researchers and developers, activists and academics: everyone has something to contribute!

We’ll be talking through ideas on the day, but if you have any ideas between now and then, please email us!

If you’re not sure what to expect, here is a taster of the day’s agenda:

  1. We’ll start with an open discussion of themes among the group; 
  2. From these themes, suggest ideas to explore followed by group voting;
  3. Participants will form teams around ideas they would like to work on;
  4. Teams can freely decide on their own approach: this is open and not limited to any output;
  5. Towards the last hour, we’ll regroup and share how each team has progressed.

Throughout the day, we’ll provide coffee and lunch to keep you energised - all that brain power needs to be rewarded!

This day is all about bringing communities together and blending different ways of thinking to develop interesting ideas. With that said, bring any tools or materials you think would help on the day (e.g. laptops, software, paper props, etc).

Louise (Altmetric) & Joe (Crossref)