For the 6:AM Conference we are making a conscious effort to lessen the environmental impact that we have and to be more sustainable.

Here are just some of the measures we have taken to make the 6:AM Altmetrics Conference more green:

Going paperless

This year our program book will be online only. By doing so we will be saving over 3,300 sheets of paper and avoiding unnecessary plastic waste, whilst making our program more accessible to delegates before and after the Conference.

Using sustainably sourced and recyclable materials

Single use plastics are filling our oceans; if current trends continue by the year 2050 there will be more plastics in our oceans than fish. For the 2019 conference, we’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic footprint by producing our signage and lanyards using sustainable and recyclable materials.

The Venue

Our host, the University of Stirling has a real commitment to environmental sustainability – both on campus and around the world.

In 2014 The University of Stirling introduced their Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) reducing the University’s carbon footprint by around 2,800 tonnes per year, and generating an annual reduction in utility costs of over £500,000. The CHP provides 70% of campus electricity and 61% of campus heating.

The University of Stirling also promotes sustainable practices across the globe through their aquaculture research and the Centre for Sustainable Practice and Living – a collaborative initiative between the University and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. The centre has conducted research for Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group, the Soil Association and the Confederation of Forest Industries.

We’re proud to be hosting the 6:AM conference at a venue that has already taken such big steps - and very grateful to them for accommodating us!


How can you help?

  • Support the local eco-system by donating to Trees for Life: A charity dedicated to maintaining and developing forests in the Scottish Highlands


  • Go for the vegetarian option. Meat is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases, reduce your carbon footprint by selecting the vegetarian option during your registration for the conference. We’ll be doing our best to ensure that there are ample Vegan and Vegetarian choices on the menu.

  • Use public transport, such as trains or buses, to reach Stirling. Even if you have to fly, the 909 bus runs directly from Edinburgh Airport to the University.

  • Avoid cars and taxis, travel around Stirling by bike with Nextbike. Simply download the Netbike app to rent bikes from various locations around the town.