Toronto – travel and accommodation


The 4:AM Conference is kindly being hosted by The Social Media Lab at The Ted Rogers School of Management, (Ryerson University), in Toronto. Set up in 2010, The Lab studies how social media is changing the ways in which people communicate, share information, conduct business and form communities; analysing how these changes impact the social, economic and political structures of society.

Toronto is the most populous City in Canada. It’s also very multicultural; over 140 languages are spoken in the City and it’s estimated that over half of the population were born outside of Canada. The City is situated along Lake Ontario’s north-western shore and is a bustling metropolis with a centre of soaring skyscrapers, most notably the iconic CN Tower. As well as a busy arts and media scene the City has many green spaces, including the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park, which has walking trails, sports facilities and zoo.

Flights to Toronto are available from most major airports, with flight times being between 8-10 hours from Europe and 13 hours to the Middle East.

All visitors to Canada (who are not American or Canadian Nationals) will need to apply for either an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) or a Visa. For more information and to apply please visit

A wide range of different accommodation options are available close to the 4:AM venue.